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Homemade Baileys Recipe With Evaporated Milk

    Homemade Baileys Recipe With Evaporated Milk

    Adding evaporated milk to homemade Baileys is a fun way to change up the traditional Irish cream liquor. This recipe is excellent for a cozy night in, adding something extra to your coffee, or making a thoughtful gift at home. We will show you how to use evaporated milk to make your very own creamy and rich Homemade Baileys in this post. 

    Homemade Baileys Recipe With Evaporated Milk

    Here is the recipe for the homemade Baileys with milk:-


    • One glass of Irish whiskey
    • One 12-ounce can of evaporated milk
    • One cup of thick cream
    • ½ cup of chocolate syrup
    • Two tablespoons of coffee grounds for instant
    • One tablespoon of real vanilla juice
    • One teaspoon of almond flavor (not required)
    • Two tablespoons of milk that has been sweetened
    • A teaspoon of cinnamon powder


    • Put the instant coffee grounds in a small bowl and add two tablespoons of hot water. Stir the coffee together. After making sure it’s well mixed, put it somewhere to cool.
    • To make the drink, put the Irish whiskey, evaporated milk, heavy cream, chocolate syrup, coffee grounds, pure vanilla extract, almond extract (if using), sweetened condensed milk, and ground cinnamon (if you like a little spice) in a mixer.
    • Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend them on low speed for 20 to 30 seconds, ensuring they are well mixed. Refrain from mixing too much because it can change the appearance.
    • Taste your Baileys mixture and make any taste or sweetness changes you’d like. Is it too sweet for you? Add more chocolate syrup or sweetened condensed milk. If you want a bigger kick, add more coffee.
    • Using a funnel, pour the homemade Baileys into glass bottles or other airtight containers that have been cleaned and sanitized. Put a tight lid on the bottles.
    • Cool and Serve: Put your homemade Baileys in the fridge for at least two hours before you serve it. It tastes best when cold and mixed with ice, coffee, or your favorite drinks.

    Tips For How To Make Baileys At Home With Evaporated Milk

    Using evaporated milk to make homemade Baileys is a fun and tasty project. Follow these steps to make sure your homemade Irish cream liquor is perfect:

    • Pick Good Ingredients: Using good ingredients is the key to making a great Baileys at home. For the best taste, use an excellent Irish whiskey, fresh milk that has been drained, and pure extracts.
    • Try Different Kinds of Whiskey: You can use different kinds of Irish whiskey, each with its flavor, depending on your taste. Some people might like a better blend, while others might like how strong a particular brand is.
    • Control the Sweetness: Change how sweet it is to your taste. You can make Bailey sweeter by adding more chocolate syrup or sweetened condensed milk, or you can make it less sweet by adding less.
    • Getting the Coffee Just Right: You can add more instant coffee granules if you want a spicy taste, but be careful not to make the other flavors too weak.
    • Cool Down Before Serving: Homemade Baileys taste best after being cooled down. The taste will blend better if you put it in the fridge for at least two hours before you serve it.
    • Shake Before Use: The ingredients may settle over time, so give your homemade Baileys a good shake before each use to keep the taste the same.

    The Best Way To Store Homemade Baileys With Evaporated Milk

    It’s essential to store your homemade Baileys with evaporated milk to keep it fresh and stop it from going rancid. Here are some tips on how to store your homemade Irish cream liquor correctly:

    • Put your homemade Baileys into clean glass bottles or containers that keep air out and have tight lids. Before you use the products, make sure they are clean.
    • Baileys made at home with drained milk should be kept in the refrigerator. The liquor stays fresh and tasty longer because it is kept cold.
    • Write the date you prepared the food on the labels of your packages. This helps you keep track of how fresh the liquor is.
    • It would help if you kept your homemade Baileys out of direct sunlight. This is because UV rays can change the taste of the liqueur over time.
    • Keep the liquor away from temperature changes that are too big or too small. Keep it somewhere cool and stable to keep its beauty.
    • Before you use it, could you give it a good shake? The ingredients in homemade Baileys may settle over time. Before you pour, give the container a good shake to ensure the tastes are well mixed.
    • Before each use, look for any signs of spoilage, like a bad smell or a curdled look. Throw away the liquor if it looks or smells funny.
    • Most homemade Baileys can be kept in the fridge for up to two months. It might still be safe to eat after this time, but the taste and quality might worsen.

    Making your Baileys with evaporated milk is a fun, flexible, and simple way to add a touch of luxury to your nights or give someone a thoughtful gift. This recipe will help you make an Irish cream liquor that is as good as, if not better, the stuff you buy in stores. The great thing about making it at home is that you can change the flavors to fit your tastes. The result is something that you can drink, mix into cocktails, or even drizzle over dessert. 

    Thanks for reading. 

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