Daily Menu

A popular breakfast menu - including smoked salmon, scrambled egg and Irish brown bread made on the premises - is always available, as is a regular menu of  lunches, salads, snacks and bites.

There are baguettes...and then again there are Hart's baguettes -  try the Sloppy Joe or the Hot Garlic Chicken - divine! 

Filling soups are carefully prepared each day using real stock for amazing flavour. Roasted pepper and lentil, mushroom and minestrone are among a varied selection served with a choice of garlic bread or the house brown bread.

A full selection of quality teas and coffees are always available.

Aileen's early morning baking sessions provide an exceptional range of home made cakes, scones and desserts - truly delicious. More about those at this link!

And if all that isn't enough for you, see the Chalk Board for the specials - link here!